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Chris Bloomer, président et chef de la direction, sur les dangers du sabotage des pipelines (anglais seulement)
octobre 11, 2016 | Communiques de presseNouvelles

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) urges all activists to not engage in dangerous and risky behavior when demonstrating their views about energy development and transportation. While CEPA respects the rights of Canadians to express individual perspectives, tampering with pipelines puts communities and the environment at risk, and is not acceptable.

CEPA believes this type of action does not justify any protest efforts to stop pipelines or climate change, but rather impedes industry’s efforts to transport the energy Canadians need in their daily lives as safely and reliably as possible.

“Pipelines are critical national infrastructure, and tampering with them is criminal activity that can be extremely hazardous both to public and environmental safety. Activists need to recognize that an unauthorized and unscheduled valve closure on any pipeline could result in unpredicted pressure changes, which can pose some extremely serious risks. Disruption of pipelines has the potential to disrupt energy supply to Canadians. Without a stable energy supply, health and welfare are threatened, and the Canadian economy cannot function,” says Chris Bloomer, President and CEO, CEPA.

The transmission pipeline industry is committed to delivering the energy Canadians need in the safest, most responsible way,and a critical part of that is protecting the environment. This type of activism endangers the environment and the public, and should not be condoned by anyone.

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