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World-leading Australian system to be used in Canada
October 15, 2019 | News Releases

A world-leading competency system for pipeline engineers designed in Australia will be made available to members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) under an agreement announced today by the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) and CEPA.

The APGA Pipeline Engineering Competency System is unique in covering the lifecycle of both onshore and offshore pipeline engineering in a single cohesive system. It provides for understanding, assessing and documenting competency of pipeline engineering disciplines that is consistent across all competency areas in the system, APGA President Dave Maloney said.

“The competency system addresses a complex problem that had defied solution,” Mr. Maloney said.

“It could only have been developed by APGA with the significant contributions of our members who volunteered their time and expertise to ensure it is fit for purpose. Our members have now been using it successfully for more than five years.

“We are thrilled that our Canadian colleagues have recognised its utility and will use it to benefit their members. It has been an important contribution to ensuring the public safety of our gas transmission pipelines in Australia.

“The pipeline industry is international, so having a single consistent system can help us to achieve greater competency, understanding and safety wherever it is used.”

Under the agreement, CEPA will convert elements of the APGA Pipeline Engineering Competency System so that it conforms to Canadian standards and regulations.

“CEPA is grateful for the opportunity to bring the APGA’s world-class system to Canada,” said Chris Bloomer, President and CEO of CEPA. “It will be an important tool for our members to ensure consistency across the industry and is another example of CEPA’s steadfast commitment to safety and continuous improvement.”

CEPA will begin customizing the program for the Canadian pipeline industry immediately, with the system expected to be available to members in 2020. 


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