Watch videos demonstrating pipeline industry operations.

Get insight into the transmission pipeline industry’s operations, technologies and processes that keep pipelines, the environment and Canadians safe.

About Pipelines: Pipeline Design

Learn about the many aspects involved in designing transmission pipelines – from routing to pipeline coatings to construction.

About Pipelines: Pipeline Technology

Discover the innovative technologies used to monitor, inspect and protect transmission pipelines, including cathodic protection, leak detection, inline inspection and directional drilling.

About Pipelines: Pipeline Integrity

Watch an integrity dig of a transmission pipeline to learn this precise process is performed, and why they are a key tool in keeping pipelines operating safely.

Pipeline Pigs

Our member companies deploy sophisticated “in-line” inspection tools (pigs) that inspect pipelines from the inside to identify changes such as dents or wall thinning that could threaten the integrity of the pipeline. In this video we are shown how a pig is launched.
Courtesy of Rosen Inspection

Pipeline Coating Defects

The pipeline industry has been using increasingly more sophisticated tools to detect potential damages to pipelines. This video shows how such tool using a sensor is able to detect a crack in the pipeline.
Courtesy of Rosen Inspection

Pipeline Integrity

The operations of a pipeline is a complex system that involves numerous steps and use of technology. In this video, we are shown a pipeline inspection tool traveling through a pipeline, the information it collects and how this information is fed and analyzed by a computer program that will allow a pipeline operator to “diagnose” the integrity of its pipeline.
Courtesy of Rosen Inspection

CEPA pipeline b-roll – construction

CEPA pipeline b-roll – maintenance