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How do transmission pipelines contribute to Canada?

This infographic highlights some of the key findings from a 2016 study on the economic impacts of the Canadian pipeline industry over a one-year period. The full study, ‘Economic Impacts from Operation of Canada’s Energy Transmission Pipelines’, assesses the transmission pipeline industry’s contributions to the GDP, jobs and labour income, and was prepared for the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association.

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Anatomy of a smart pig

Did you know that since the 1960s, pipeline operators have been using an increasingly sophisticated technology called smart pigs to ‘see’ inside their pipelines? In fact, these ‘pigs’, which stands for pipeline inspection gauges, are one of the industry’s main diagnostic tools. They travel through a pipeline to monitor its health, diagnose issues such as metal defects, forecast potential challenges and report any issues to the pipeline operator.

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Different types of pipelines

Canada has a large network of pipelines – over 830,000 km – but they’re not the same. Different types of pipelines are used for oil and gas transportation, and each varies in its size and function.

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Click Before You Dig

Planning a project outdoors? Our infographic can help you find out if you should locate underground utilities, such as pipelines, before you start.

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CEPA Integrity First

Our industry-wide program, CEPA Integrity First works with both the pipeline industry and the public to ensure industry leading practices are applied, communicated openly and remain focused on what matters most to Canadians.

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Pipeline Weld Testing

Since the 1950s, when Canada’s pipeline network started to grow, the pipeline industry has used technology to test the welds that hold their pipelines together. As Canada changed and advanced, so did this technology. This infographic shows how pipeline testing has constantly improved to better detect problems in the line.

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