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News Release: Pipeline Industry Supports Federal Government Proposed Changes to Enhance Pipeline Safety
June 28, 2013 | News Releases

Calgary, June 28, 2013 – CEPA supports the proposed changes to enhance pipeline safety and performance, as announced this week by Federal Minister, Honourable Joe Oliver. These changes align with our industry’s commitment to improve its ongoing performance.

“The pipeline industry is an important component of Canada’s critical infrastructure,” Brenda Kenny, president and CEO of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association said. “We encourage strong, independent regulatory oversight of our industry, which will provide further assurance to Canadians that our member companies are committed to continually improving pipeline safety.”

Some of the announced changes include the commitment to the polluter-pay principles, new penalties and fines for non-compliance, strengthening of emergency response management, a better definition of safety zones to protect pipeline assets, and clarification of jurisdictional responsibility for abandoned pipelines.

“Our industry is particularly glad to see that the government has clarified the jurisdictional issues regarding abandoned pipelines, but one thing is for sure – landowners will not be responsible for abandoned pipelines,” Kenny stated.

According to Natural Resource Canada’s backgrounder, Strengthening Canada’s Pipeline Safety Regime, even after a pipeline is abandoned in-place without being removed, the National Energy Board will continue to have jurisdiction over the abandoned pipeline, and can take steps to prevent, mitigate and remediate any post-abandonment impacts. Pipeline operators will remain responsible for any costs and damages from an abandoned pipeline, so long as the pipeline remains in the ground.

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