CEPA Integrity First Partner

Improving safety for the entire industry.

Join a proven program that reduces risk by enabling sharing and collaboration on priority areas to improve operational performance.

Our programs have gotten better thanks to self-assessment and third-party verification.

Integrity First

Integrity First enables Canada’s transmission pipeline operators to collaborate and share their knowledge to increase safety and reduce environmental impact.

Integrity First Partner is a membership category for oil and natural gas producing companies that operate transmission and gathering pipelines.

Integrity First helps improve industry performance. We want Integrity First Partners to share in these benefits as well.

Integrity First Partner builds on the success of Integrity First to reduce risk, improve performance and build trust. Integrity First Partners gain access to:

  • A proven program that continuously improves performance in key areas.
  • An established program, giving them the opportunity to join other industry leaders on a path to zero incidents.

Becoming an Integrity First Partner will deliver a number of benefits.

  • Accelerate and sustain improvement through a systematic approach.
  • Access to leading industry practices.
  • Smooth integration into your existing programs.
  • Efficiency through operational excellence.
  • Build trust and confidence with the public, government and regulators.
  • Connect with your industry peers.

We don’t compete on safety, but instead work together to continually improve industry performance.

What becoming an Integrity First Partner means

Integrity First Partners participate in the fundamental elements of Integrity First. Through membership they make a commitment to continual improvement, rigorous standards, performance disclosure and on-going independent verification.

Through Integrity First, member companies work collaboratively to share their knowledge and innovations to drive industry-wide improvements as they relate to pipeline safety and environmental protection. It also allows companies to hold each other accountable.

Integrity First enables pipeline-operating companies to work together to do the things that make our industry trustworthy – focusing on safety, information sharing and responsible operations.

How Integrity First improves performance

Integrity First establishes a systematic approach enabling participating companies to collaborate and improve performance in areas vital to your company’s success:

Following the Integrity First cycle, participants identify opportunities to improve,
implement change, review results and repeat.

Integrity First Priorities

Integrity First includes seven priority areas. Integrity First Partners choose the priority areas they want to focus on, then follow the Integrity First Cycle for these priorities.

Emergency management
Be well prepared to quickly and effectively respond to pipeline incidents.

Pipeline integrity
Design, construct, inspect and maintain pipeline systems to protect people and the environment.

Control room management
Enhance the safe and reliable operation and continuous monitoring of pipeline systems.

Damage prevention
Work with landowners, communities and industry to avoid unintentional impacts to pipelines.

Safety culture
Protect workers and the public during pipeline construction and operations.

Safeguard workers, the public, our systems and property from threats.

Environmental stewardship
Preserve the land, atmosphere and wildlife through sustainable environmental approaches.

The Integrity First Hub

The Integrity First Hub is a secure, web-based tool that increases the adoption of Integrity First and accelerates improvement in Integrity First. The Hub is a repository for Integrity First information and provides participants a single point of access to:

  • Real-time reporting on Integrity First activities
  • The Integrity First resource library
  • A record of their self-assessment results
  • Company and industry benchmarking and-reporting

Integrity First enables sharing of lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.

Integrity First

Integrity First stages

An Integrity First Partner starts at stage 3 in the Integrity First cycle.

Integrity First priorities, such as pipeline integrity management or emergency management, are identified through research and feedback gathered from the public and industry.

Guidance document design and development subject matter experts from CEPA member companies collaborate to outline criteria that improve the industry overall. The criteria progresses through maturity levels for a specific priority area.

Companies participating in Integrity First use the guidance document to assess their current systems, processes and practices within this priority area. An Integrity First Partner will conduct self-assessments on a subset of safety and environment priorities.

Third-party verification
Third party verification of self-assessments is conducted to increase trust, credibility, and consistency of the company and industry.

Action planning for continual improvement
Self-assessment results are consolidated and analyzed for each priority to identify potential areas of improvement and to share leading practices among members. Action plans are developed to improve performance. CEPA facilitates the execution of action plans including the sharing of leading practices.

Participating companies will regularly report on their performance and activities in this area to increase the accountability and transparency of the industry with the Canadian public.

Integrity First cycle
This cycle is repeated and refined for each priority, providing a collaborative and structured approach to industry-wide continuous improvement.

Integrity First doesn’t replace existing management systems at companies, but rather, helps participating companies accelerates improvement through adoption of leading practices and holding each other accountable.

Integrity First facilitates industry collaboration, and allows members to focus on meaningful priorities.

Integrity First

How to become an Integrity First Partner

Integrity First Partner implementation is straightforward and enables members to leverage the benefits immediately.

There will be support as members integrate Integrity First into their operations.

Integrity First Partners will be expected to fulfill important obligations:

  • Be fully integrated into the established Integrity First cycle by the end of the third year.
  • Will be required to complete self-assessment and verification for many priorities under the Integrity First Safety and Environment Principles (as scheduled in any given year).
  • May elect to integrate additional priorities.
  • Must achieve and maintain a maturity level 3 (continually improving) after verification.
  • Will be subject to same terms and conditions as CEPA members for failing to achieve/maintain maturity level 3.
  • Will be bound by any future Integrity First related decisions made by the CEPA Board of Directors.

Becoming an Integrity First Partner is good for member companies, the industry and Canada.

When we get better together, everybody benefits. A safe, well-respected pipeline infrastructure is vital to a better energy future for Canada. For more information, contact Patrick Smyth


Integrity First is an ideal way for companies to collaborate on safety, combining the best ideas to get better together.

Chris Bloomer
President and CEO,