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CEPA’s statement on Government of Canada’s fiscal update
November 22, 2018 | Announcements ,News Releases

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association statement

In response to the Government of Canada’s fiscal update on November 21, 2018.

From Chris Bloomer – President and CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association:

“In its fiscal update, the federal government has put in place positive measures for the energy sector and business competitiveness in Canada.

“However, these measures do not fully address the energy industry’s concerns around market access, the crude oil price differential and attraction of capital to the industry. There is immediate need to focus on regulatory reform, including Bill C-69, in a way that enables the responsible development and transport of Canada’s natural resources to new and existing markets.

“The differential crisis is not an Alberta issue, this is Canada’s issue. Canada is losing millions of dollars every day. Amending Bill C-69 is fundamental to addressing market access, the price differential and attraction of capital.”