CEPA submissions to government

Learn about CEPA's perspective and insights on a range of issues.

As part of our role as an industry association, CEPA engages with public entities to offer guidance, improvements and clarity on government policies, new legislation and regulations and other actions that impact the Canadian pipeline industry.

CEPA government submissions

The submissions found below are representative of the views and values of our member companies which transport 97% of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil production from producing regions to markets throughout Canada and the United States.

Alberta Government Reviews the Property Tax Assessment Model (PDF)

CEPA and its members are supportive of the new draft agreement on the equivalency of federal and Alberta regulations respecting the release of methane from the oil and gas sector in Alberta. The draft agreement provides regulatory clarity necessary to ensure duplicative regulations do not apply to the pipeline industry.

Concerns Arise Over Bill 23, Workers’ Compensation Amendment Act, 2020 (PDF)

CEPA and the business community have expressed significant and serious concerns with Bill 23, Workers’ Compensation Amendment Act, 2020, which was tabled in the BC legislature on July 14, 2020. The business community is urging Premier John Horgan to set aside Bill 23 and continue to focus and address the unprecedented fallout from COVID-19 and the highly tenuous economic recovery underway.

Clean Fuel Standard Comments on June 2020 Consultation (PDF)

The Canadian Gas Association and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association provided comments to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) in response to ongoing CFS consultations.

  • CEPA Provides Feedback on the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Pipeline Rules Rewrite Project (PDF)
  • Government of BC Reduces Property Tax Rates amidst COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)
  • Alberta Government Reviews the Property Tax Assessment Model (PDF)
  • CEPA’s Response to the Alberta Energy Regulator Creating Efficiency and Certainty Through Regulatory Changes (PDF)
  • Deferring the Development of Non-Critical Regulatory and Policy Proposals due to COVID-19 (PDF)
  • Designating Canada’s Pipeline Industry as Critical Energy Infrastructure (PDF)
  • Seeking Regulatory Flexibility on Compliance Deadlines and Administrative Requirements (PDF)
  • Red Tape Reduction in Alberta (PDF)
  • Creating Viable Pathways to Methane Regulations and Compliance in BC (PDF)
  • Reviewing BC’s Emergency Program Act (PDF)
  • Fostering Population Growth in Saskatchewan with Pipeline Infrastructure (PDF)
  • Supporting Ontario’s Industrial Emission Performance Standards (IEPS) (PDF)
  • Rising Concerns with BC’s Environmental Assessment Act Revitalization Process (PDF)
  • Supporting Ontario’s Proposed Made-In-Ontario Environment Plan (PDF)
  • Contributing to the Conservation and Recovery of Woodland Caribou in Canada (PDF)
  • Requesting Greater Flexibility to the Application of Fugitive Emissions Management in BC (PDF)
  • Developing an Upcoming Guidance Document for BC OGC’s Draft Work Plan (PDF)
  • Requesting Budget 2018 Tax Details as a Result of Ministerial Order No. MAG:010/19 (PDF)

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