CEPA Members

Working together to advance performance for the safe transmission of oil and gas products.

CEPA members transport virtually all of the natural gas and crude oil produced in Canada to markets across North America. Together, we have made a commitment to Canada and Canadians to deliver this energy in a safe and responsible manner.

Through CEPA, members work together on continuous improvement in key areas, such as safety and environmental protection, that will lead us to reducing the number of pipeline incidents to zero.

The key here is working together. Being able to leverage the combined knowledge and expertise of Canada’s leading transmission pipeline companies means we can get to zero faster.

Member benefits

As a member of CEPA, you become part of an organization leading the way in the safe and environmentally responsible delivery of oil and gas.

CEPA is a non-profit organization whose membership is comprised of Canada’s leading owners and operators of transmission pipelines, and those with an interest in the energy pipeline business. Our members transport virtually all of the natural gas and crude oil produced in Canada to markets across North America.

As an industry association, CEPA delivers valuable benefits to members and the public.

  • Provides coordination and leadership on key sector issues, including safety, environmental, regulatory and financial initiatives
  • Acts as a trusted source of information for the public, media, and pipeline industry regarding pipeline issues
  • Acts on behalf of our membership to advance policy positions to government and other key stakeholders

CEPA membership services

CEPA members are part of an organization that is putting considerable resources and expertise towards advancing pipeline safety in Canada.

The team at CEPA has a wide range of experience and expertise in government and stakeholder relations, policy and regulation, communications and engineering. We are committed to working on behalf of our members for successful and positive outcomes to challenges faced by the pipeline industry. CEPA members also benefit from:

Leadership opportunities

  • Participate in programs to advance safety and environmental practices
  • Participate in the Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement, giving you access to other members’ resources and expertise in case of a significant emergency

Networking opportunities

  • Participate in CEPA communities of practice to review, analyze and recommend industry policy positions on key issues
  • Attend CEPA-sponsored workshops and conferences
  • Sponsor CEPA events
  • Participate in meetings with regulators, policy makers  and other stakeholders
  • Provide input into technical research programs

Information sharing opportunities

  • Provide input into technical research programs
  • Access best practices, communications collateral and research

Membership types

(For information about CEPA Foundation membership, click here)

CEPA members are corporations, associations, partnerships, or other organizations, whose primary business is the transportation by pipeline of hydrocarbon substances or any other substance approved by the Board of Directors.

CEPA members

Through membership in CEPA, these organizations are advancing their operations and practices for the safe and environmentally-responsible delivery of energy in Canada.

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