How It Works

Continuous improvement towards zero incidents.

Through CEPA Integrity First, CEPA, industry leaders and experts work together to improve our practices and challenge each other to do better. This collaborative approach ensures member companies can share knowledge and innovations with each other and drive industry-wide improvements.

Pipeline companies follow a continuous improvement cycle to improve, implement change, review results and repeat.

How Integrity First works:

Integrity First is an on-going performance improvement initiative.

  1. Integrity First priority identification
    Priorities such as pipeline integrity, emergency management and control room management – are identified through research and feedback that is gathered from the public and industry.
  2. Guidance document design and development
    Subject matter experts from CEPA’s member companies collaborate to outline criteria that improves the industry overall. The criteria progresses through maturity levels for a specific priority area.
  3. Self-assessment
    Member companies use the guidance document to assess their current systems, processes and practices within the priority area.
  4. Third-party verification
    Third party verification is conducted to increase trust, credibility and consistency of the company and industry.
  5. Action planning for continual improvement
    Consolidated self-assessment results are analyzed, for each priority, to identify potential areas of improvement and to share leading practices among members. CEPA facilitates the development and execution of action plans based on the analysis to improve performance.
  6. Reporting
    Collectively, members, through Integrity First, report on their performance and activities in each area to increase accountability and transparency of the industry with the Canadian public.


This process is repeated and refined for each priority, providing a collaborative and structured approach to industry-wide continuous improvement and demonstrating our members’ commitment to take their practices to the highest level.

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