CEPA Integrity First

United in building a better energy future.

A strong pipeline infrastructure is vital to Canada. CEPA Integrity First® demonstrates the pipeline industry’s commitment to building a better energy future, continuously improving in the areas of safety and environmental performance.

Through Integrity First, CEPA members work collaboratively to share their knowledge and innovations with each other to drive industry-wide performance improvements.

Participation in Integrity First is a condition of CEPA membership. All member companies are committed to the initiative and to implementing Integrity First into their own operations.

Through CEPA Integrity First, the industry is working together to define and implement leading practices to continuously improve industry performance in key areas:

Pipeline Safety
Environmental Protection

Our members understand that in order to reach our goal of zero incidents and build trust in the industry, there needs to be a true commitment to industry collaboration. We do not compete on safety. Only by working together can we ensure our actions lead to measurable improvement.

That’s why every CEPA member has signed and committed to the Integrity First Policy Statement and Principles (PDF), which outlines several commitments including:

  • holding each other accountable for their practices
  • collaborating to raise the bar on safety and reach the goal of zero incidents together as an industry
  • committing to transparent reporting of industry’s performance to Canadians

Being accountable for performance

Accountability is key to the program’s success – both accountability within the industry, and accountability to Canadians.

Integrity First is not a response to current regulatory requirements, but a proactive approach by the pipeline industry to demonstrate its accountability and transparency to Canadians. This program was developed not because industry was asked to, but because CEPA and its member companies wanted to.

Through regular public reporting, CEPA Integrity First will increase the industry’s transparency and accountability on performance and member activities.

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