CEPA Foundation Initiatives

Continuously improving the performance of energy transportation in Canada.

CEPA Foundation members are working together on several key initiatives to develop best practices, focus on sustainability for the industry and promote innovations that improve the pipeline industry. Members have access to an online dashboard to track the progress of each of these projects and can view the finished documents in our web-based library.


  • Developing a North American-wide survey to develop an industry baseline for safety culture
  • Planning for our annual Safety Roundtable in November (postponed from April due to pandemic)

Environmental Stewardship

  • Developing new strategies that will protect the environment while reducing the impact of regulated Restricted Access Periods on construction and pipeline integrity projects
  • Creating educational videos about Canada’s energy future that show a balanced view of all types of energy available to us


  • Working with American Petroleum Institute (API) and the INGAA Foundation to implement an international standard for Facilities Inspector Certification
  • Updating and maintaining the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Pipeline Inspector Certification (API 1169) to suit Canadian standards and references
  • Implementing a shared Lessons Learned online repository so that industries can share learnings from safety and quality incidents
  • In conjunction with the Canadian Welding Bureau, promoting the adoption of a new Hydrostatic Testing Certification program
  • Planning for our annual Quality Summit in late October

Social Responsibility & Indigenous Engagement

  • Working with our membership to compile a library of best practices for engaging and working with our indigenous communities
  • Developing a common reporting tool for the entire industry to track diversity in our workforce

Efficiency & Innovation

  • Sponsoring a quarterly Leak Detection Community of Practice that meets to discuss issues and share successes in the area of automated pipeline leak detection systems
  • Planning for our online Technology Showcase webinars