CEPA Foundation Membership

Join CEPA Foundation members to ensure the safe, reliable transmission of energy for Canadians.

The pipeline industry has an important impact on life in Canada. As a CEPA Foundation member, you will be part of an organization of industry leaders dedicated to addressing the issues impacting the industry, facilitating research, developing innovations and improving overall industry performance.

The benefits of membership

You will be part of a group that can:

  • Advocate for change and improve the industry
  • Address the issues impacting our industry
  • Improve overall industry performance in the areas of safety, environmental stewardship, quality, social responsibility and efficiency/innovation
  • Offer a broad and geographically inclusive voice for the pipeline industry
  • Shape the pipeline industry future through joint research and development activities

Shape the future

Through our innovation activities, we can transform the way the industry currently operates and is perceived by the public. As a member, you will be asked to identify, prioritize, initiate, direct and manage key industry research and development projects.

Improve your company’s performance and reputation

Through developing and sharing best practices in the area of safety, environmental stewardship, quality, social responsibility and efficiency/innovation, we will collectively improve company and industry performance.

Establish a broad network

Crossing geographical boundaries from coast-to-coast, we will increase the networking opportunities for all our members. Our members will form strong, lasting relationship with peers, partners and prospective customers, as we work cooperatively on industry issues.

Learn more about the issues impacting our industry

With conferences and other forms of communication, you will hear from industry leaders, regulators, political leaders, and special interest groups about the most pressing issues facing our industry.

For CEPA Foundation membership inquiries, contact:
Rick Tofani

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