About CEPA Foundation

The CEPA Foundation brings the entire industry together.

Bringing the entire pipeline industry together to develop stronger standards, collaborate on industry practices and create innovations for the safe transmission of energy in Canada.

Who we are

The days of quietly transporting oil and gas products to market are long gone. With demanding expectations to find and deliver our products safely into new markets, cutting-edge technologies, and increased transparency, our industry has changed forever.

While the energy pipeline industry begins with the pipeline operators transporting products to market, often overlooked are the critical companies along the way that enable these products to be transported.

These key industry players are vital components to the success of the pipeline industry, and we believe our collective voice can implement change and improve the industry. No other foundation exists in Canada where energy pipeline industry leaders are brought together, under one roof, to solve industry issues in a collaborative and engaging manner.

What we do

We work together to share ideas, develop solutions, promote research, and advocate on behalf of the pipeline industry. It is an opportunity to work with large and small organizations across all related industry sectors that share the common goal of improving the pipeline industry. In doing so, the CEPA Foundation will leverage its membership so that the pipeline industry continues to improve its performance, as it relates to its reputation, safety, reliability, efficiency, technology and environmental responsibility

Our mission

To bring together the entire Canadian energy pipeline industry to ensure excellence in our performance.

Our vision

To be the recognized Canadian energy pipeline forum dedicated to innovation and implementation of practices in order to exceed society’s expectations with respect to safety, quality, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

Our values

Our values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility & Accountability, and Learning are core to everything we do!


We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and group actions that drive the advancement of industry practices for the safe transmission of energy in Canada.

  • We are honest and ethical
  • We are transparent, open and accountable
  • We are focused on achieving success through credible, trustworthy leadership


Every stakeholder is treated with respect and asked to share, question and challenge for the advancement of positive change.

  • We value and listen to everyone’s contribution and perspectives
  • Our relationship with all stakeholders is based on trust, respect and fairness

Responsibility & accountability

We accept full accountability for our actions. We recognize our responsibility to provide safe and efficient pipeline service to society and to minimize the environmental and social footprint of our industry.

  • We believe in Social Responsibility and sustainable development of the Pipeline Industry
  • We believe in Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • We believe performance excellence will drive results and enable achievement


We believe working collaboratively and ensuring a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of our members to achieve excellence in the pipeline industry.

  • We work collaboratively to achieve our common goal of industry excellence
  • We learn from our past, both good and bad, to continuously improve performance
  • We are innovative, we benchmark our performance and we adopt best practices

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