CEPA Foundation

Taking our industry further through broad industry collaboration.

Bringing the entire pipeline industry together to develop stronger standards, collaborate on industry practices and create innovations for the safe transmission of energy in Canada.

CEPA pools the knowledge, expertise and resources of Canada’s leading transmission pipeline operators to advance operations and develop safety and environmental innovations for the industry.

The CEPA Foundation takes the idea even further, bringing together the entire energy pipeline industry to address the issues impacting the industry, facilitate research, develop innovations and improve overall industry performance.

The Foundation is comprised of both pipeline operators and various companies in the supply chain, including engineers, designers, constructors, manufacturers, pipeline maintenance, legal, land and environmental service companies – and everything in between. They are all brought together for the same goals: improve pipeline safety, environmental protection, quality and industry performance.

Together, the Foundation will:

  • Advocate for change and improve the industry
  • Shape the future of the pipeline industry through joint innovation activities
  • Learn more about the issues impacting our industry and how we might address them successfully
  • Work to improve overall industry performance in the areas of safety, human resource management, pipeline asset management and pipeline integrity
  • Provide a stronger voice for the pipeline industry