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CEPA Disappointed with Revocation of Presidential Permit for Keystone XL
January 21, 2021 | News Releases

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) is profoundly disappointed and concerned with the recent decision by President Biden to revoke the existing Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. As the safest, most technologically advanced and studied pipeline in North American history, Keystone XL would provide the U.S. with a secure source of crude oil from a trusted trading partner, Canada.

This revocation is a backward-looking decision that ignores the tremendous progress made by the transmission pipeline industry over the last decade. Keystone XL would achieve net zero emissions when placed into service and committed its operations to be fully powered by renewable energy sources by 2030. The project included historic equity partnerships with Indigenous communities, and would create thousands of jobs that are now lost at a time when they are needed most. The decision represents a significant loss to the energy industry, organized labour, Indigenous groups, cross-border interests, and North American energy security.

Canada has abundant natural resources that can help meet the growing global demand for responsible energy. Our energy is safely transported on some of the world’s most technologically sophisticated pipeline infrastructure, built and operated by CEPA members. And advancements in liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, petrochemicals, and carbon capture and storage are opening new doors for Canadian innovation in cleaner energy.

Canada’s transmission pipeline companies will continue to play an important role in the energy future for Canada and the world for decades to come.

Please attribute this statement to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) OR Chris Bloomer, President and CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA).

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