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CEPA calls for timely cabinet approval so Trans Mountain expansion can proceed
February 22, 2019 | News Releases

Calgary, Alberta – 22 February 2019


The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) is pleased with today’s announcement from the National Energy Board (NEB) which states that the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP) is in the Canadian public interest and should be approved. The reconsideration report addresses environmental impacts that are extremely important and need to be addressed.

The report includes 156 conditions for the project and 16 recommendations for the Government of Canada to consider. These recommendations are comprehensive and incorporate additional information gathered during the reconsideration process.

“These conditions and recommendations are designed to mitigate impacts relating to the project,” said Chris Bloomer, President and CEO of CEPA. “The report also identifies the significant benefits that will be generated by the project for all Canadians, which coupled with the conditions and recommendations, led the NEB to conclude that the project is in the Canadian public interest.”

This report demonstrates that the NEB is the best-placed regulator and that it acts with integrity and credibility when reviewing critical infrastructure projects, like TMEP. Their expertise is world-class in technical understanding, how they consult stakeholders for major transmission pipeline projects, and their ability to deliver a comprehensive report within the mandated timelines.

“It is now in the Government of Canada’s hands to complete their consultation, consider the report, and render an approval in a timely fashion similar to the requirements put on the NEB,” said Bloomer.

The delays to this project are unnecessarily costing Canadians billions of dollars per year in lost revenue. Canadian oil and natural gas producers deserve regulatory clarity to get these projects approved and to attract the investment critical to driving our economy.

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