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CEPA announces key milestones for industry performance management program
June 9, 2014 | News Releases

Calgary, June 9, 2014 – The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) is pleased to announce it has reached an important milestone regarding pipeline integrity and emergency response with its CEPA Integrity First® program. Publicly launched in 2012, CEPA Integrity First is focused on advancing the performance of the Canadian energy pipeline industry in three broad categories: safety, environment and socio-economic issues.

CEPA’s board of directors has now approved the program’s first guidance documents outlining industry best practices and requirements around pipeline integrity and emergency management. CEPA member companies will use the guidance documents to assess their current systems, processes and practices to identify areas for improvement. These documents will also act as a foundation for benchmarking and performance management, and once baseline metrics are established, will provide increased transparency to the public through industry-wide performance tracking and reporting.

“We’re serious about CEPA Integrity First and what it stands for. The guidance documents represent only one component of a very robust program. Our members have all signed and committed to the Integrity First Policy Statement and Principles and by doing so have resolved to hold each other accountable to drive toward their goal of zero incidents, improved stakeholder engagement and increased transparency around industry performance,” says Brenda Kenny, president and CEO of CEPA.

A guidance document for control room management is also currently being pilot tested with the expectation that it will be finalized later this year. Central to the success of the CEPA Integrity First program is the establishment of an external advisory panel (EAP) that is expected to meet for the first time in the next few months. This panel consists of individuals from a variety of stakeholder groups including aboriginal peoples, environmental groups, academia, media and landowner groups, amongst others. The EAP will have direct access to CEPA’s board of directors to provide advice and to assist in determining priorities for the Integrity First program as it continues to evolve.

“CEPA Integrity First is not a response to current regulatory expectations but a formal approach to the future of our industry and its ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. This program was developed not because industry was asked to, but because we wanted to,” says Jim Donihee, CEPA’s Chief Operating Officer who is leading the evolution of the Integrity First program.

“CEPA member companies are committed to working together to define and implement collective best practices and leading-edge technology to advance safety and help the industry continue its progress along a sustainable path. There is no competition when it comes to safety. It’s that simple.”

“As an industry, we face the question of how we constantly demonstrate that we’re worthy of the trust of the Canadian public,” said Kenny. “Enhancing our reputation and credibility with Canadians depends on our ability to continuously improve and engage with stakeholders proactively and transparently. CEPA Integrity First is how we will accomplish these goals. It is the right thing for industry to do.”

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies who operate approximately 115,000 kilometres of pipelines in Canada. In 2012, these energy highways moved approximately 1.2 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Our members transport 97 per cent of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil from producing regions to markets throughout North America, which amounts to approximately 22% of Canada’s mercantile trade.


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