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CEPA Announces Integrity First® Program
August 9, 2012 | News Releases

Calgary, AB – August 9, 2012 – The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) today announced CEPA Integrity First®, an industry-wide initiative that will improve pipeline safety and environmental and social performance (also see advertisement and press conference video below).

“Pipelines are a fundamental component of Canada’s economy and our industry knows it can do more to ensure Canada’s energy pipeline network remains among the most environmentally sound and safest in the world,” said CEPA President and CEO Brenda Kenny. “Our member companies are already working on improvements and CEPA Integrity First® will guide and coordinate these efforts.”

CEPA has been working on Integrity First® for the past several years; the initiative is based on sharing best practices and applying advanced technology throughout the industry. The program will focus on four key areas:

  • Prevention – programs and processes related to pipeline integrity
  • Emergency Response – response systems our members have in place for incidents
  • Reclamation – post-incident activities
  • Education – CEPA will supply additional information about pipelines in Canada

“We have put years of work into this program and we are proud of it,” explains Kenny. “CEPA Integrity First® will help our members make their pipelines safer than they have ever been.”

CEPA members transport 97 per cent of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil production throughout Canada and into the United States. Between 2002 and 2011, significant incidents on CEPA member pipelines in Canada average slightly more than three per year.

In an advertisement appearing in some Canadian newspapers today, Kenny wrote: “Recent pipeline incidents have raised concerns about pipeline integrity. Canadian pipeline operators have a strong track record for pipeline safety borne out of continuous improvements and deployment of technology. Recent events have demonstrated, though, that we need to do more to reduce the frequency and impact of pipeline events.”

“Three incidents are three too many,” summarized Kenny. “CEPA Integrity First® will help us to reach zero incidents.”

CEPA represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies who operate approximately 109,000 kilometres of pipeline in Canada and the United States. These energy highways moved approximately 1.2 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas last year.

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Newspaper advertisement announcing the launch of the Integrity First® program (expand to full screen with icon in bottom right corner of document):



CEPA President and CEO Brenda Kenny speaks to the national media in Ottawa on Integrity First® (29 minutes):