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Canada Reaches Important Milestone with the Release of Joint Review Panel Recommendations
December 19, 2013 | News Releases

Calgary, December 19th, 2013 – Canada has reached an important milestone today with the release of the National Energy Board’s (NEB) Joint Review Panel’s recommendations on Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway project.

The Joint Review Panel (Panel), an independent body mandated by the NEB and the Minister of the Environment, reviewed Enbridge’s application to construct two 1,170 kilometre pipelines from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia and to construct and operate the Kitimat Marine Terminal.

“Although no final decision or certificate has been issued yet, pipeline and facilities projects, such as Northern Gateway, could potentially provide Canadians with increased market access,” Brenda Kenny, president and CEO of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, said following the announcement. “Our industry needs access to markets and, in full consideration of this public interest, we hope there will be a positive outcome for all proponents in the future.”

Market access is critical to the well-being of Canadians and will enable Canada to sell its natural resources at a fairer price than what it is currently receiving. CEPA strongly supports any oil and natural gas pipeline projects that will increase market access, while at the same time, ensuring that all safety and environmental issues are clearly addressed.

For decades, CEPA member companies have been safely transporting millions of barrels of crude oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas every year. These products are used in many different applications. This includes all forms of transportation, heating our homes, generating electricity, as well as, a wide range of products, including plastics.

CEPA member companies are committed to building and operating safe and environmentally responsible pipeline infrastructures that will provide a strong and prosperous Canada for many decades to come.

“The sheer volume of products transported by our member companies every day without incident, is a testament to how safe our pipelines are, and a strong indication that they will continue to operate using the industry’s best practices and latest technologies”, Kenny said. “Nothing is more important to our member companies than safety.”

Through its CEPA Integrity First® program, CEPA members are committed to advancing a safety culture, throughout the industry, based on a strong foundation of leadership and continual improvement leading to zero incidents.

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies who operate approximately 115,000 kilometres of pipelines in Canada. In 2012, these energy highways moved approximately 1.2 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Our members transport 97 per cent of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil from producing regions to markets throughout North America.




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