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April is Dig Safe Month in Canada
April 7, 2021 | News Releases

April 1st marked the official start of “Dig Safe Month” across Canada, raising awareness of how digging safely can prevent injury and damage. The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) and its members would like to remind Canadians to dig safe as we enter the spring digging season. To ensure safety for yourself and others, Call or Click Before You Dig and follow any COVID-19 protocols for your region.

There is a vast underground network of pipelines, electrical and other utilities that we all rely on everyday. When there’s damage to those underground lines, the costs add up quickly… totalling around a billion dollars every year. This can include the costs of emergency response, evacuation, environmental damage and clean up, as well as business interruption. And there is the potential for harm to people and property in the area.

Click here for reminders and considerations for disturbing the ground prior to any outdoor projects, even something as simple as planting a tree.

CEPA members operate tens of thousands of kilometres of pipelines across Canada. “Our members are not only committed to safe digging practices in April, but, all year round. Preventing damage to pipelines and protecting the safety of communities are among the highest priorities for our member companies,” said Chris Bloomer, President and CEO of CEPA. “Damage prevention regulations apply to everyone digging near a pipeline – protecting the pipelines that we rely on everyday is a shared responsibility.”

To request a locate, Click Before You Dig or contact your regional One-Call Centre.

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