Listening to Canadians

Pipeline Dialogue Events

Canada’s transmission pipelines connect all of Canada to safe and responsible energy. Because our members reach such a broad and inclusive geography, we feel it’s important to listen to a broad and inclusive group of stakeholders. That’s why we hold Pipeline Dialogue events.

Pipeline Dialogue events are a platform for CEPA and interested parties to engage openly to build mutual understanding of perspectives and expectations. These diverse perspectives are important to us, and help inform the work that we do.

Each Pipeline Dialogue event brings together a group of people to share their experiences, thoughts and concerns around topics important to CEPA and our members. In these dialogues, we look to include representatives from the following groups:

  • Indigenous groups
  • Landowners
  • Regulators
  • Government
  • Industry
  • Academics
  • Students
  • Youth
  • NGOs


Pipeline Dialogue Events

Trust and Transparency – February 2018

The first Pipeline Dialogue event brought stakeholders together to examine how CEPA communicates and what the industry can improve to better demonstrate transparency and build trust. View an executive summary of the report here.

The future of oil, natural gas and pipelines in eastern Canada – March 2019

In March 2019, CEPA convened a small group of interested parties in Montreal, Quebec to discuss the future of energy in Canada and test the premise of whether eastern Canadians (Quebec and Maritime provinces) see a need to access western Canadian oil and natural gas and for further pipelines development. The executive summary of the report is available here.

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