How CEPA Advances Pipeline Performance

CEPA members build and operate transmission pipelines that are among the safest in the world.

CEPA and our members pool expertise and knowledge to enhance the safe and responsible delivery of oil and natural gas across North America.

Activities are governed by a board of directors who set the priorities of our executive team and our working committees. Hundreds of volunteers from our member companies lend their time and expertise to CEPA’s work groups and communities of practice, each of which focuses on an important aspect within the industry.

Performance Business Environment
Damage prevention
Emergency management
Pipeline integrity
Safety management
Indigenous affairs
Climate change
Property tax
Regulatory policy

Our Goals

Raise industry performance

Together, CEPA and our members are focused on improving the safety, transparency and accountability of the industry:

  • Develop and implement operational practices focused on raising industry performance
  • Increase accountability and transparency through improved reporting, and by developing and implementing industry-wide metrics aligned with regulators
    • Execute the adoption and continuous development of the CEPA Integrity First® program
    • Pursue industry-wide safety culture improvement initiatives

Improve regulatory engagement, transparency and sustainability of the industry

When the entire industry works together, we can improve the business environment we operate in:

  • Develop and execute an industry-wide strategy to improve regulatory alignment, transparency and sustainability
  • Develop key policy positions and communicate to and influence political and regulatory stakeholders
  • Strengthen relationships with key stakeholders in policy areas affecting the industry

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Through leadership and collaboration, CEPA enables our member companies to advance their operations and develop safety and environmental innovations for the Canadian transmission pipeline industry.

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