Commitment to Canadians

CEPA members are committed to keeping Canadians safe.

We have a commitment to transparency, and a responsibility to Canada and Canadians to deliver energy in a safe and responsible manner.

For more than 60 years, transmission pipelines have operated across the country and in your communities, delivering the energy you use every day. CEPA and our members are committed to fulfilling our essential role safely, reliably and efficiently.

Our focus is getting to zero incidents.

99.999% of all oil and gas product is transported to markets safely by CEPA member pipelines. We are striving to achieve 100%. Through CEPA, members work together on continuous improvement in key areas that will lead us to zero incidents.

Guarding Canada’s future

Transmission pipelines are critical energy infrastructure, delivering the energy Canadians use every day. We will fulfill our essential role safely, reliably and efficiently. The people of Canada and the customers we serve – from oil and gas producers to refiners and processors to residential, commercial and industrial customer – expect this of us.

We’re well aware of the risks associated with our operations, so members work together to make public safety, the protection of our natural environment, and emergency response and clean-up top priorities.

Our duty to move energy safely for our customers comes with the understanding that we must earn the public’s trust and the continued right to operate. One of the ways we’ll achieve this is by demonstrating our commitment to attaining our goal of zero incidents. Even though CEPA members have a safe delivery record of 99.999 per cent of crude oil and natural gas over the past decade, for us no incident is acceptable.

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Through leadership and collaboration, CEPA enables our member companies to advance their operations and develop safety and environmental innovations for the Canadian transmission pipeline industry.

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CEPA and our members pool expertise and knowledge to collaborate to enhance performance for the good of all Canadians.

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